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JFK Special School

Special School



The Rainforest

In the video links below, you will find a sensory story which has been filmed by JFK staff. To support the delivery of using this sensory story at home, JFK staff have also created a video which provides guidance on how to engage effectively with pupils when watching this story at home. In the third video link, you will also find some follow up activities which can be completed at home, related to the story.

Rainforest Video 1: Engaging with the story at home

Rainforest Video 2: The Rainforest Story

Rainforest Video 3: Follow up activities



The attatchments below provide some visual recipes to enjoy making at home.

Chicken Sandwich Visual Recipe

Pizza Visual Recipe

Microwave Mug Cake Visual Recipe

Chicken and Cheese Toasted Sandwich Visual Recipe

Greek Salad and Sandwich Visual Recipe Steps

Shortbread Recipe Cards

Chocolate Rice Cereal Cakes Visual Recipe


Art and Creative Learning

NHS Rainbow- Use the template provided and add the colours of the rainbow to create your own NHS rainbow to show support for the NHS health workers in your area at this time. Add colour by using colouring pencils, felt tips, paint or collaging different coloured materials you can find around the home. When you have completed, display in a window of your home for your local community to see.

Hand and Foot Prints- Use your hands and feet to paint and create pictures. Add eyes and other items you can find around your home to create your own hand or foot alien. Use the link above for guidance. 



Follow the ‘Story Massage Guide’ below to familiarise yourself with the different massage techniques used within a typical story massage session. Read the stories below with your child at home incorporating the different massage techniques identified throughout each story, indicted by the different symbols representing each massage technique. Refer to the ‘Story Massage- The Strokes’ document to remind you of each symbol and its related massage stroke.

Story Massage Guide

Story Massage- The Strokes

Rachels Day in the Garden- Story Massage

The Wheels on the Bus- Story Massage

A Trip to the Seaside- Story Massage

Humpty Dumpty- Story Massage

JFK staff have also created a video, modelling a story massage session about the weather. The link to watch this video can be found below with a link to the script of the weather story.

JFK Story Massage Video- Weather Story

Weather Story- Story Massage

Use the document below to build sentences using the colourful semantic symbols related to the different images, following a 'who', 'what doing', 'what' and 'where' structure. Circle the appropriate symbols on each page related to the image, or print and cut out all symbols before building these sentences below the images, making the task repeatable.

Colourful Semantic Picture Sentence Building.


Read or listen to a story at home with an adult and use the template below to answer questions related to story. This template can printed multiple times and used when reading or listening to a number of different stories.

Reading Comprehension Question Sheet

Audible are offering free audiobooks for all children, for the entire period of school closures. Why not relax together with this huge range of exciting stories, guaranteed to entertain children of all ages!

Reading eggs are offering a free 30 day trial to their education and reading content/activities and learing apps available through apple app store or google play. On their webpage they also provide free downloadable activities ready to print through the COVID-19, home resources learning tab.





2D Shape Rocket Picture- Use the template to create your own shape rocket picture.

Making patterns- Find four objects that you have a lot of, this could be Lego, pasta, cereal whatever you can find. Create a repeating pattern with your objects.

Money Handling:

The following resources below will support in developing pupils understanding and recognition of money. 

Coin Value Strips

Coin Matching Cards

My Piggy Bank Activity

Coin Detectives Task

Wildlife Survey

It's amazing what you can see in your local area. If it's safe for you to do so, you can walk to your local park or even see what you can spot from your window. For examples of what you might find, check out the RSBP's Spot-It sheets.


Oak National Academy

Check out the Oak National Academy Specialist Curriculum subjects for further ideas to support learning at home. Set up during the current spell of school closure, Oak National Academy recently launched their specialist curriculum, full of great learning ideas and videos for different subject areas, including maths, communication and language, independent living and more.

Oak National Academy Specialist Subjects