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The Rochford Review

What professionals have said:

This report sets out the recommendations of the independent Rochford Review group into Statutory assessment arrangements for pupils working below the standard of national curriculum tests at key stages 1 and 2 (known as SATs). Dale from B Squared commented"Walking into the office yesterday, I was greeted by an enthusiastic team as they discussed the intricacies of the report. That morning, I met with our Education Team and our Development Team to debate its merits and its potential impact on our customers. The first thing that resonated with me was how impressed my team were with the content of the report; my Head of Education said to me how pleased he was with the panel’s consideration for the challenges faced by staff working with this diverse range of pupils. After many hours of evaluation, feedback and consideration we came to the conclusion that whilst the report recommended a big shift in thinking, many of our recent and current projects (including the Developmental Continuum and Evisense) were already aligned with the recommendations and would help professionals to achieve these goals."

In the CASPA Newsletter 20   The much anticipated final report of the Rochford Review was eventually published by DfE just before Bake Off on Wednesday evening, so three years after the Government promised guidance on the assessment of low attaining pupils, we finally have some idea of their direction of travelOn a first reading, the Rochford Review seems to be a thoroughly welcome analysis of SEND assessment by a group of people who really know their subject.  At this stage, the report's recommendations are just recommendations, but we believe DfE intend to consult in early 2017 with the intention of introducing any changes arising in time for statutory assessments in Summer 2018.

 Government Response